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Originally Posted by bmw330ci04 View Post
OK, now i know that this same topic has been posted more times that people can count, but no matter. Recently, my father added a new car to the family; a 2007 335i convertible. Originally he was going to look at a CLK550, but after a ton of pestering from me about what a clot he would look, he test drove the 335i and wanted to keep a BMW in his life, so he did, bought it used for 29xxx with a little bit of the warranty left on it. naturally, since i convinced him to but it, he let me take it for a spin. here are some of the things i noticed that are different from my beloved 330ci.

-Im sorry, but what happened to the "C" indicating that its a coupe? i have no idea why they got rid of that
-The twin turbos in this engine throw you back like no other 3 series (other than the M3) ever has, its amazing, i had the AC on, and the automatic gearbox in "automatic" mode all i know is i got up to about 50MPH pretty damn quick.
-The automatic gearbox doesnt really work. maybe im just used to the stick, but typically with an auto i feel the car coast without any gas, but not in this. its almost like the car wants to make you think you have a stick. OK, the paddles are fun to putz around with for like 5 minutes, and then i want my clutch back.
-one of the big disappointments with the E9X was the interior.. i hated it. the gauge cluster is too crammed for the size of the dash, i miss the 4 separate gauges, in this one there is only two big ones , with the other two smaller ones inside. i dont like the feel of the leather, it almost feels cheap. i hate the iDrive, or whatever they call it these days, its just inconvenient. i hate how if you have one of those paper cups from like McDonalds they sweat and get all over the center console because of that afterthought that is a cupholder. i could go on. AND I HATE, I MEAN HATE, THE WINDOWS NOT ON THE CENTER CONSOLE. WHY? JUST WHY? And that really makes me upset, its almost like our generation cars were made better, better quality.
-Handling: One of the first things i noticed was the very tight steering, i dont know whether i like that or not. when im on a road, yes, of course, turn the power steering off completely, but when im trying to park, it just becomes a nuisance. i know that because its a convertible it doesnt handle as well as a coupe, but it handles about the same as my car.
-No oil dipstick: REALLY, come on BMW..

all in all, i dont know about this car. its unbelievably fast for a normal 3, no doubt. but it doesnt really "feel" like a BMW, it just feels like a nice car, it doesnt really have that BMW styling that i love so much, that BMW interior design that sells the car practically.
would i buy the car, yes. would i miss my E46? no question. i know my father does, he tells me every day.

for those who have driven both, i assume most of you have, post your thoughts, im interested to hear them
I hear you. I hate those new electronics that I have to memorize in order to figure out how to operate them. Having two cars with diifferent procedures can be a nightmare. I hated the i-Drive the first time it came out in the 7ers, and I hate the way I have to use the key fob to get the car started in the new 3ers. My 2007 911 Turbo with the "Porsche Communication Management" is the same way. I still haven't got the archaic navigation system figured out. And, you know what? I use the monitor to hold a basic Garmin Nuvi. I kid you not. And, I do hate the engine without a dip stick. Why do I have to go through an electronic procedure to measure the level of oil with it is warmed, while a dip stick can measure it when the level when it is either cold and hot. Why do I need to measure the level when it is warmed? Oil in the take takes a certain level regardless whether it is hot or cold. If the level is different, then give me two tic marks instead of one. The oil level doesn't have to be that precise anyway. Same thing with my 911 Turbo. Scroll through the electronics until I get to the oil level, then the monitor gives me some fricking bar levels, down by one quart or liter. I don't need the graphics. Even if the oil is cold, it stabilize at a certain level. Damn it, give me back the dip stick. If you want to make things more complicated, identify with tic marks marks for cold and hot levels. Quite frankly, I do not want to get rid of my 2001 330i. They have to steal it from me. Even then, I would get a used one over any E90 or the F30. When the E80 M3 comes out, BMW better have a stripped down version, without the iDrive, without NAV, and without those frucking bells and whisstles, or no BMW for me. In regards to the 911 Turbo. I could start it one time. It took me a while to figure that I had to completely turned the key to the far left to reset. And those damn windows that come down a 1/2 inch or so when the door is open, goes up with the door is shut. Why can there there an air vent to relieve the air pressure instead of using the windows to create an opening. I suspect the motor will wear out sooner or later, and I would have to spend a grand getting them fixed, while a relieve vent could have do the job simpler. I think the 911 GT3 is a purer driving machine than the Turbo even though it will be more difficult to drive that car well.

The 4 values per cylinder M54 is the best 6 cylinder BMW engine. It's in my 330i.
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