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Originally Posted by smolck View Post
I took on an E90 335i sedan with all the sport nonsense through a very curvy road near the dealership. He was in front and I wasn't able to pass due to traffic and safety, but I could have. My suspension is crisp and new, so was his. He had more power, it was evident, but I carried more speed through the corners and braked later.

The fact is, no matter what anyone says we all have our opinions. I find ALL E90's wretched from a build quality and materials perspective. If you talk to guys who work on them, they hate them even more. I've seen and heard of a lot of issues with them from my buddy who owns a BMW shop, HE LOATHES them.

And I'll even say this, the E92 M3 is amazing enough I forget about the crappy interior layout, but the E90's all suck in that department. When the ZHP retires or gets relegated to weekend track car, I'm buying a Shelby Mustang, not a BMW.
Same here, my next car will be an EVO X MR touring or SE with the dual clutch. Especially after I found out the F30 m-sport package are all cosmetic changes, plus the E9x 335is only comes in a 2 door coupe or convertible.

The only improvements the ZHP needs are an LSD, lighter wheels n the S54 motor
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