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Originally Posted by Stealth.Pilot View Post
I'm homeless.

I used to be a billionaire and had a collection of over 700 exotics. However, I owned an Investment Bank, and some rogue trader went crazy and bankrupted my Firm and I ended up on the streets.

Fortunately I have a super hot secretary who I repurposed as a call girl, and I was able to pimp her out for $30, then went to the local casino on the Indian Reservation, and while gambling the $30, I won $500.

I then went to a gun shop and traded the $500 for a gun. Then I happened to be walking down the street, when some former trader from my bankrupt bank is driving by in a brand new 550i. I couldn't let that stand, so I pulled the gun, stopped the car. Pulled the bastard out, killed him, and took the car.

Then I heard some other bastard is getting an M5 next week, so I'm planning to jack him too.

Gross Income = I eat what I kill.
Damn.... Can I have copyrights to this story it would make one heck of a movie
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