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Originally Posted by stary View Post
list on the racks was $280, we got 20% discount from our dealer. i'll try and get you some closeups later. the racks have to specifically go in a certain position, one is directly over the opening of the moonroof. the moonroof is HUGE though, so the racks basically are going to obstruct somewhat.
Can the moon roof open properly with the rack mounted? Is the rack easy to take off? Did the dealer charge you for mounting the racks? Mind if I ask what do you plan on putting on top of the racks? Is it a bike by any chance? That's one of the main reason I'm planning to get racks on mine. if you are getting a bike mount, mind telling me which one, and some pics would be nice.

If you don't mind the trouble, do you think you can do a closeup of the mounted position of the racks from the top or from inside the car so the obstructed portion is discernible. Sorry for the barrage of questions, and thanks in advance .

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