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Originally Posted by sdadept View Post
Fair enough. I guess it just seems like 20k extra miles on the car would depreciate it more than the $4k I'd pay for those miles (they show as $.20 a mile when I login to my account on the bmw website. I just don't want to turn the car in and have some surprises.
I was under the impression it was cheaper to buy the mileage (the F&I guy said something like .16 or .17/mile) before the last 6 months, than just going over and getting dinged at the end of the lease at the .20 or .25/mi.

I'll call them tomorrow and find out exactly what it is. But like David said, its cheaper even to just go over and spend 4k (I dont think it will be that high) for mileage than buy a small car thats no fun/pleasure to drive.


A side note, my best buddy drives new VW's every year. Something about their poor electrical/AC/mechanical issues he absolutely adores But he leases them, and he drives well over the mileage limits. But because he just buys another VW, they tend to look the other way and not charge him (if anything a very very reduced amount) for the excess mileage. That might be negotiable, if you're going to buy another car from the dealership. Just something to think about, our cars do depreciate much harder, and faster than small, cheap, and gas efficient veedubs though. So not sure if thats applicable. This is my first BMW, and first lease, might as well pop two cherries at once!
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