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Originally Posted by smolck View Post
I took on an E90 335i sedan with all the sport nonsense through a very curvy road near the dealership. He was in front and I wasn't able to pass due to traffic and safety, but I could have. My suspension is crisp and new, so was his. He had more power, it was evident, but I carried more speed through the corners and braked later.

The fact is, no matter what anyone says we all have our opinions. I find ALL E90's wretched from a build quality and materials perspective. If you talk to guys who work on them, they hate them even more. I've seen and heard of a lot of issues with them from my buddy who owns a BMW shop, HE LOATHES them.

And I'll even say this, the E92 M3 is amazing enough I forget about the crappy interior layout, but the E90's all suck in that department. When the ZHP retires or gets relegated to weekend track car, I'm buying a Shelby Mustang, not a BMW.
i've mentioned before for minor repairs like thermostat, water pump etc its much more of a pain in the ass than the m54 engine. not to mention the magnesium block n head calling for aluminum bolts which must be torqued and angled correctly or risk breaking the bolt. but like all things, if you know what you're doing it is simple.

but as for major repairs like head gasket, timing chain etc. you'll find that the N52 engines are ALOT easier than the m54. this is coming from experience considering i just did both timing chain and oil pump chain + guides.
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