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Originally Posted by floydarogers View Post
Wow, touchy. Your logic is faulty and your assertions are contradictory btw: you make a judgement, but then say we don't have the data and can't judge yet.

I'd say, from having monitored both forums here, other forums other places, and from having had an M54, that there is no clear winner as far as reliability. Too bad BMW won't tell us.
You can't say it's a judgement when the engine is already having problems (reinforced by, if I'm thinking of the right person smolck mentioned, a very reputable source). Sure, the M54 has its quirks, but the thing is virtually bulletproof. I've run my car insanely hard while chasing smolck through some twisties and shut it down when we got to the driveway. No fluids dripping, no weird noises, no weird smells, no smoke... it was like it was begging for more.

A friend of mine has an E93 328i. At one point, she was ready to sell it because it was acting up after some spirited driving. Error lights here, check engine there, "F*ck off and die" on the OBC display... you know how it goes. After debating whether or not to say "to hell with it" and sell the car, she ended up keeping it and telling herself, "After I fix this, it will be good to go for a long time."

I'm willing to bet she'll have another issue within 12 months.

On another note, you can look around and find a lot of 335i's for ridiculously cheap prices. Reason being: they're lemons! And I mean there are a TON of them! A local independent dealership has two black on black 335i's, one automatic and one six-speed. Both are priced right at $20,000 and have less than 80,000 miles. They were bought back by the dealership and then labeled as lemons. Fuel injector issues, I believe. Whether or not this means the entire car is bad is beyond me, but it definitely is disheartening.
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