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Originally Posted by pa50i View Post
Yes, of course I meant guys who debadge a 5 series or 3 in hopes of passing it off as an M. But, as you say, the M5 is already the most discrete super sedan available and it looks so classy in stock form. Dfferent strokes, but just an observation on your choice...
Discrete or not, pedestrians in Paris are quite judgmental and retarded, so they just go by what is written on the trunk. (It is rarely an issue, but I'd rather not even risk it.) Additionally, like I mentioned, I feel like it actually looks better within a badge in the back, I hate chrome , so the kidney grills and side vents will be replaced with gloss-or-matte black to match the rest of the 'shadowline' trim.

Originally Posted by pa50i View Post
...Saw one in this same color combo earlier this week and then a black on black today. I don't know what color o would choose of I went that route, but the lines and proportions of the car are just perfect IMO. I just love the subtle muscular look of it.
Yea, the car is certainly AWESOME!

Originally Posted by pa50i View Post
...I wish I didn't need AWD more than a few days each year. Maybe an X5M will be the compromise, of sorts.
Hope you love yours when it arrives.
If that is a real issue, you can just go to your dealer and tell them you wanna stand in line for X-drive M5...

Although I must say that these days even high powered sedans perform admirably in the snow. The trick is to just have a dedicated set of winter tires/wheels. As long as you know how to drive on the snow you'll be fine. My C-AMG's were driven daily when there'd be snow on the ground. Plus, look at everyone in Europe, when I'm in the Alps I see tons of RWD cars driving on snow (literally on snow and not cleared roads.) It's just a matter of experience I guess. (Note: Maybe if you live in BumF$*K, Alaska snow tires aren't enough to cut it.)

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