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Originally Posted by SPDSKTR View Post
On another note, you can look around and find a lot of 335i's for ridiculously cheap prices. Reason being: they're lemons! And I mean there are a TON of them! A local independent dealership has two black on black 335i's, one automatic and one six-speed. Both are priced right at $20,000 and have less than 80,000 miles. They were bought back by the dealership and then labeled as lemons. Fuel injector issues, I believe. Whether or not this means the entire car is bad is beyond me, but it definitely is disheartening.
Being bought back for "customer satisfaction" does not mean the engine is bad, it means the dealer's shop is incompetent.

In this case, btw, you're arguing against the M54 aficionados: the N54 (and N55) engine block is heavily based upon the beloved M54. It's apparently got a stronger bottom end that more easily handles turbo-charging than the N51/2/3. If you like, I can accede the point that problems with the N54/N55 are seemingly limited to parts that weren't on the M54. Except for the water pump, which has far fewer problems than the M54 ones (too bad it's so much more expensive.)

IMO, all this is water under the bridge anyway, now that the F30 is out. It really points out the fact that it's not engineering (for the most part) that is driving changes to the 3-series. It's MARKETING, and most of us aren't the target market.
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