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Originally Posted by MNX1024 View Post
So, I negotiated from an MSRP of $40,395 to $37,000 for the following:
Alpine White
Ultimate Package
Heated Seat

So, do you guys think that's a good enough if an offer or should I go lower? Since I already negotiated for that price, can I ask for a lease in that vehicle?

Concerning leases, all of a sudden I decide to buy the vehicle before the term is over, can I do the purchase at the moment?

After skimming through the forums, found out that RFT are expensive and not as durable. What other tires do you guys recommend?
that sounds like a pretty good deal, you can check the approximate invoice of your car on, but the markup on these cars is not actually that much, so I bet you're within $1000 of invoice already.

also, if it matters, the manual seats are not that bad - yes you pull a lever, but there are hydrolics that help everything out, so there's no "pumping" you have to do.

unless you want everything else that's in the Ultimate package, you should just opt for $1000 option for the seats, or at least talk with the dealer to break down the options you do actually want... the packages came with a bunch of extra BS we didn't care about... really, lighting under your door handle - who the hell needs that - if you can't see well enough in the dark to find your door handle you probably shouldn't be driving.
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