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Originally Posted by flyingDman View Post
I also want to hear more about the comparo 328i SportWagon and the X1. Obviously the engine and the tranny are the same (assuming we won't get a wagon with a stick). The rest of the X1 is based on the old 3 series' bones. Hardly something to complain about. But, all that said, I believe the wagon will be a better car than the X1 and, IMHO, better looking too. Ok it is likely going to cost us at least $7,000 more (based on an estimated $2,300 difference between a sedan and wagon) . Is it worth it? The Europeans do not seem to have the cost advantage (actually I think that in some countries the X1 is a few K more expensive than the 328 Touring) and have bought over 250,000 X1's! This X1 is selling like hot cakes!
I am not completely sure yet myself but I am leaning toward the X1. Do others have similar thoughts?
If the new wagon was already out in the US, I would favor the X1 simply because it is a better bang for the buck vehicle and already good enough for my needs. I suspect the real difference in price over a 4-5 year period will be about $9,000 since you have to figure additional taxes and even insurance costs on a more expensive vehicle.

But if I had a genuine need for the additional room the wagon provides then I would more strongly consider it.

Before making a decision, I would think about whether the X1 is large enough to carry the people you may need to carry in the backseat. If it is, I simply think its the better value then the upcoming 328i wagon which should be very impressive.

The X1 may be based upon an older platform but the 28i version gets the two most important features of the new platform(n20 engine and 8 speed transmission).

The wagon will probably be the slightly/moderately better car to drive but in my situation the more compact size of the X1 is much easier to live with. And I had no need for the additional room of the wagon and don't care that much about the moderately more impressive interior.
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