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Originally Posted by PropellerHead View Post
I still feel like sh!t. I feel like I aged or something. Not creaky bones, just bad in my gut. Near the bottom of my chest. I feel yucky.

The officers said that I did not need to worry about him coming back. They said if I looked at him as closely as I did, he would probably not come back into the neighborhood ever again. These people do not want to be seen. They especially don't want to be recognized.

That didn't keep me from finding my old security doors and installing them on Friday night. They're up. They don't fit right with the deadbolt on the new doors, so I had to remove the inside handle. It's just temporary anyway. We're getting measured for steel doors that will replace both the security doors and the front doors as one unit. They're expensive as hell, but I don't care. That's not happening to me again. Ever.They can. Because he destroyed doors and they were over (some amount- I don't know) a couple thousand $, he committed a felony. The police were awesome. To an exact 'T', each one of them said, "Too bad." when I told them I have a gun but it wasn't on me. They each said that they wished I'd killed the guy. One officer (female) even went further after I pried deeper with "what if" questions about shooting him as he was running to his car.
Yikes! I'd pay extra attention to your health the next few days/weeks. After experiencing such a traumatic event you might be at risk for developing some adverse reaction or health condition. I'm sure I'm not telling you anything new but some people get sick or develop problems after suffering events like that... Kind of like a mild form of PTSD. While I've experienced some scary events while deployed it doesn't compare to an up close and personal encounter like what you went through. You're a braver man than I . It's good that the officers said he won't be coming back and I'm sure the steel doors will bring peace of mind. Also the dog might be a great idea not just for security but just to have him around. I always wanted a dog when I was younger... I'm sure your daughter would love having him around plus it's an added security feature like most have said.
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