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Originally Posted by Scott ZHP View Post
Good question; I though about it, but didn't. I searched the TIS for battery replacement and didn't come up with anything specific to the E53/X5. Just generic stuff on the safe handling of batteries, how to properly jump start, etc.

After I installed the new battery and started the car, the airbag light and the DSC warning "triangle" lit up. I left it charge for a few mins figuring they might self reset. They didn't. I shut it off, restarted it a few minutes later and drove out of the garage; within 20 feet the dash chimed and they reset themselves.

Interestingly, I didn't lose my radio or my seat presets. Everything stayed in memory.
Hi, I own a 2004 X5 E53 diesel, I am from Melbourne Australia and I am not quite sure if CCA ratings differ in different parts of the world due to weather conditions however my battery is rated 720 CCA and I am curious if you had fitted a battery with an identical CCA rating. Is it ok to replace with a higher CCA rating? I spoke to a BMW dealership and he advised if you are replacing with a non genuine battery it must have exact CCA rating to avoid issues.

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