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Hi guys, my white plastic piece also broke a while ago, dealer said they didn't sell "just that part" I would have to buy whole regulator. So I did from eBay about $40 bucks. I took out whole bad regulator and installed new one worked great... For a while then crack pop! Same noise as when it started NOT going up or down so I took door panel off and discovered the little black piece that holds the nut that holds the screw that hold the window to the regulator was destroyed. So I when to dealer got new one and new nut and bolt and new plastic door panel clips because of course I broke a few of those off put it all back together worked fine. Then a little later pow! Crack! Pop! Did it again. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, regulator and motor work fine but those little black pieces keep Breslin like the window is slipping too far on them and also if window is rolled down and I shut the door, well you actually here is wiggle and like its popped off that black thing again. Dealer said $165 just to look at it and I know they're gonna tell me " oh new regulator" so $400 I'm sure. Any ideas? I'm so sick of taking that thin apart and cutting up my hands and sweating and cussing
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