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Originally Posted by tadtaggert View Post
I do understand the sentiment, all I can say is that thankfully I have a wife who doesn't.

My first year of college in a small private college was about 5k, room and board included. Things are very different today.

My oldest is a Junior this year, middle son a freshman and my daughter is a senior in HS. Oldest goes to a moderately priced school, middle to a damn expensive one. My daughter is trying hard to go to Vanderbilt (32 on latest ACT, so borderline). So far the only financial aid that any have qualified for is a 5K a year national merit scholarship.

Next year I'll have to shell out almost 150K, and they all are looking to graduate school. I will have an M6 Coupe, but am perfectly willing to put it off (and have done so for quite some time) so my children don't start out in a deep hole.
I feel your pain! ..... but you forgot to mention the expense of the wedding ......

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