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Originally Posted by LarkHouston View Post
I park my car between two poles in our garage to give me maximum protection. A Porsche 911 GTR always parks next to me. The other day I walk out, the Porsche is gone and there is serious ding in my door. Pretty clear he did it. Right height, right paint color left on my car. Right on the crease. Takes off some paint. No way the dent removal guys can fix this because of the crease and the paint. Anyway, I know where the Porsche owner works and I shoot him an email the next day asking him if it is possible he inadvertently did the dirty deed to my car. He apparently goes out and looks and I get an email back shortly profusely apologizing and saying he will pay for the repair. So, hard to get too mad at him since he is being a stand up guy about it. Just a little inconvience. BTW, the estimate is $660. Which I haven't given to him yet. So, let's hope he doesn't balk now.
Let us know how it works out, LH. Hopefully the gentleman will follow through with his promise. Those are two beautiful BMWs in your signature. I love the wheels on the 335.

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