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Originally Posted by FenderBender View Post
Hrm, not the problem. Must be fuel pressure, I'm going to get a T connection tomorrow and test pressure with it running if I can.

You can see in the video below, it seems to run pretty well with the vice grips on. However, I had to jump the relay to get the fuel pump under the car to run, is it only supposed to run while the car is running? Confused here because I'm pretty sure it was running all the time with the key on last night. And you can see that when I remove the vice grips, the car dies. This is with the new FPR.

Another tidbit, with the fuel pump jumped, I can hear fuel going right back the return line, normal?
video isn't there? if pinching the return made it run... and unpinching it makes it stall... and you can tell there's fuel pissing back down the return. i think there's something amiss with the FPR and or the fuel rail. The fuel should only bypass the rail and back down the return when there's an overrun like high rpms then going to no load IE stopping from a high speed. what it sounds like here is there is nothing checking the fuel from being pumped out of the rail and back down the return line. pinching the line seems to cause the fuel to "back up" and feed the engine efficiently, when you open the line there's not enough fuel to meet the demands of the engine remaining in the rail. so in some weird way it seems like a pressure regulator and whatever system controls the fuel rail bypass.

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