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Originally Posted by FenderBender View Post
Vacuum doesn't matter because when I jumped the relay, and unhooked the fuel line from the FPR, the fuel just FLOWED right out without the car running.


And if it matters, the vacuum line is run from the FPR to the intake manifold on this thing.
well the vac to the FPR just controls the internal diaphragm which in turn controls the flow of fuel, so unhooking it will just let the fuel pump, pump at it's will. im not sure that fuel getting there is the problem, i think it's keeping the fuel there. something is letting the fuel pressure inside of the rail go away. think of blowing up a balloon. if there's a hole in the other end you can blow for hours and it's never going to pressurize. you need two ends that seal to create pressure. So you're getting plenty of fuel going to it, but you're having too much fuel leave it too quickly.

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^He's been drinking beer and destroying pumpkins with brake rotors and sledge hammers.

So, pretty much just doing man stuff.
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