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MZ4R Boring to Drive

[Posted on Zpost as well]

Ok folks, I need some help. I bought a 2007 MZ4R in April on a whim. 10,200 miles on the car (perfect shape), drove it home from DC to Cincinnati. I loved it. For a while. Now I find it boring. It goes from 0-40 mph very fast. And then I have to stop accelerating. I haven't been in 5th gear for months. Winter is coming and then it will get stored. That will be very, very boring. Nothing to do with the MZ4 specifically. A Porsche, 370Z, Corvette or any other high performance car would be equally boring for me.

One unexpected side effect is my wife loves the car. Of course, she is home all the time and has put most of the miles on it this summer (I travel a lot for work). It's now her mid-life crisis car.

I need to do something to get the juices flowing again or the car will be sold. I could find a back road and run it hard through the twisties. Wish I knew where one of those roads were here in southwest Ohio. And where there aren't any other cars and especially cops. Would love to drive it somewhere where I could safely turn off the nannies and slide around a bit.

I'd really like to see how fast it will go. That isn't something I am willing to do on a road with police. Not safe and not smart. My personal speed record is just over 1,500 mph, but that was at 45,000 ft. in a fighter jet. Never been faster than 115 mph in a car. Would love to do 155 in the MZ4.

What can I do?

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