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Originally Posted by doru View Post
Hello Jason. I checked your pics related to the DISA. I had a somewhat similar landscape inside the manifold, but with far less "grains". Also, I never had the said "grains" on the DISA.
The "grains" I am talking about are the little sand-like protrusions that are "welded" by the sludged/burned oil I saw inside your manifold as well. Feels almost like sandpaper to the bare hand.
I have also spied some welded sand on the side of the manifold (round opening) where the DISA should seal. Again, I never had that on my car. Maybe dust gets sucked in somwhere and it gets stuck to the manifold walls by the oil mist, then it just gets glued-on by heat.

The ICV which is just below (together with the TB) was also carboned-up solid. It didn't move at all when I tried to shake it. Took quite a while to clean the sucker. After that it would turn freely when I moved it in my hand. The TB was also gunked up on both sides. Not sure how it worked. Had no codes. Plugged in the GT1 and there were no pending codes either.

I was quite surprised when looking into the Intake Manifold, and seeing the huge amount of dried grit and oxidized oil caked on the inside...


Oil sludged-up at the base of the flapper and pin:

Upper rubber edge of Flapper "framework" missing it's edging - in order to seal correctly when the Flapper closes:

I first rubbed the inside of the Intake Manifold with my fingers, and I could feel some sand.
However, once I took a shop towel with cleaner to it, most of the grit stayed, because it was still caked on...
I plan on completely removing the intake, and cleaning (soaking it), or, possibly replacing it completely...

Since my family and I have been here, I have noticed HUGE amounts of sand that builds-up inside my engine bay, and in between the Intake runners.

Also, I am not sure if my stock OEM intake box is bad, since there seems to HUGE amounts of sand getting into the Intake... - Not good...!

Also note, that AFTER I cleaned the Disa, and applied some Meguiar's Plastic and Rubber Conditioner to the Disa, my car drives MUCH better...!
The lag, and hesitation when accelerating is gone...!
The car's acceleration is MUCH more linear, and seems to have more oomph...

I viewed Gary's Disa Kit (from German Auto Solutions) and I did not see that his kit replaces the rubber the sits within the framework for the flapper to make a good seal.

IMO, Gary's kit only addresses half of the issues with the Disa...
Like all rubber and plastic on these cars, it deteriorates over time.

Gary needs to supply a replacement for the rubber framework around the flapper, when the flapper closes...

It looks like purchasing a brand new Disa is the only/ unfortunate solution...

That is interesting that your ICV was so badly clogged...
What oil were you using, and what oil are you using now...?

Thanks again!

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