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Hi Netarc,

Below is what I just posted over at the xBimmer forum in regards to my experience with the Servotronic option. I had done a lot of researching and reading comments from everyone suggesting that one should get the servotronic option and "thank me later." I think without it the steering is just too heavy. With it, it's a bit light, but nothing that would put me off. I strongly suggest tracking down a dealership who has some X1s with both options (with and without servotronic), and test drive them for yourself. Let me know if you have any other questions in regard to the X1. I'm always glad to help:

"I honestly didn't like the Servotronic at first, and I still don't. But I haven't been driving it much. Had it for 3 weeks now, but it's my wife's car. I thought the steering was a bit too light. Even my wife thought it was too light, lighter than our 535i xDrive we had. I've been driving my Porsche all summer, which has just the perfect steering since the engine is not directly over the front wheels, so of course, the X1 seems too light to me with Servotronic. I really wish there was a way to adjust the Servotronic just a notch or two heavier, though.

As for the X1 steering wheel being unstable over 80mph, I have not experience that at all. Not even at 90mph. Not even at...

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Investor, are you folks still unhappy with your Servo? I'm ordering an xdrive28i and had originally intended to go with servo, but after reading your comments I'm thinking of striking that option.

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