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Thanks ELK5432,

I am glad you got back to me, I am really pleased with the car overall. But I am not so sure that the repairs are worth the price. I think for now, I will just attempt to monitor the oil consumption and shop around for a reasonable price to repair the valve stem seals. Thanks again for you candor. Sorry you had to sell your car, I know if it is like mine, it can be a great driving experience when behind the wheel. Since this is my first experience with a BMW, I was a little naive about the engineering and engine parts quality. Most mechanincs state that the BMW recommendation for oil changes at 12 - 15 k contribute to this problem, because there is a tendency to build up deposits when the oil gets over 5 - 7 k miles. So, I guess we can blame BMW. After all, they do not want you drive these cars forever, they really want you to buy new ones. So what if they wear out faster and cost an enormous amount to repair, that is better for them.

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