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I own a 2003 E46 and according to the scanned codes and common symptoms, it seems my VANOS has gone bad. The loss of power is certainly noticeable. The car is just not as much fun to drive as it used to be prior to this. The car has 110k miles. I don't know much about it's service history and am not covered under any warranty. Dealer gave a $5000-$6000 estimate to fix this.

Do I have any alternatives? I have spent a considerable amount of money on this car already. I am taking the dealer out of the question because throwing that kind of money into a car that I am unsure of how long it will last is just absurd.

This bothers me each and every day. I no longer look forward to getting in the driver's seat and turning the ignition key. It really disappoints you to see your baby like this.

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