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A 997.2 PDK I found the the Porsche experience to be more "raw" but not necessarily better. Driving an M3 and a 911 back to back IMO both were fast, fun to drive, and endowed with magical sounds. The BMW felt heavier especially at lower speeds but lightened up considerably as speeds increased. Overall, The BMW was more predictable and secure. The steering of the Porsche was braille like, but I also liked the M3's steering and preferred the signature M wheel.

In terms of driving experience, I could have debated the finer points of each , then made equally valid counter points ad infinitum, but in the end I preferred the BMW given the M3's superior comfort, flexibility, and overall feeling of solidity. The Porsche I drove had a few minor rattles not expected while the M3 felt like it was carved from a solid billet. I am 6'3" and 210 lbs and I have always found that 911s a compromise in terms of comfort, while the M3 is one of the most comfortable cars I have ever driven. Furthermore, although my family was indifferent, my German shepherd dog preferred the BMW.

In terms of the styling I owned Porsches in the past and I like the styling but I am not wowed by the 911 mystique indeed, I prefer the very purposeful honed exterior and interior styling of the M3. The base 911 interior is very Spartan. Moreover, my neighborhood is a sea of Porsches, I liked the idea of driving an alternative Porsche There Is A Substitute.

I adore my M3 - vrrooommmm!
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