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Originally Posted by Fudman View Post
I've checked for the part (67118352165) and VDO seems to be the OEM source. However, there seems to be two versions of the front door lock actuator, both made by VDO, available from for $66 & $49. The cheaper one looks a bit different from the $66 variant (maybe for the gas cap lock?). This makes me wary of the $50 version available from BMAparts, which is similarly priced although looks exactly like the higher priced ($65) variant from AutoHaus and Pelican. Given my previous dealings with both AutoHaus and Pelican, I may opt to pay the extra $15 for the $65 variant to avoid taking everything apart and then finding out I have the wrong part.

Bentleys is not very useful for actuator removal specifics. Cam's link to Agent99's experience is also helpful. The video Doru posted provides some good visual info to go forward with. I'll check the TIS next.
The $49 dollar actuator looks like the fuel door actuator. Maybe they misnamed it.

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