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Originally Posted by franka View Post
I disagree with the FIA's and Pirelli's policy of constantly changing tyre compounds and requiring each team to keep up with a new compound at almost every race. It's very artificial. Its like reducing the fuel tank capacity by ~ 20 % and requiring the teams to go easy thru the whole race to preserve fuel.

In my opinion F1 should have a constant and fixed range of compounds so that the drivers can drive as hard as their cars can go. Such that it's a race of drivers and their cars w/o any artificial limits.
I thought they did have a fixed range of tires. There's four dry weather tires (super soft, soft, medium, hard) and two wet weather (intermediate, full wet) compounds. They change the tires they use race to race depending on the demands of that particular track, but the compounds themselves remain fixed for the season.

Besides, Pirelli was given the job of creating tires that would spice up the racing. They've certainly done that. And isn't adapting to change a big part of what F1 is about?
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