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codog: This may help you understand the key differences between the Cradle approach and the USB approach:

This is the iPod Out full screen display:

This is the standard BMW full screen display:

This is the iPod Out menu structure:

This is the standard BMW menu structure:

This is what the standard BMW display looks like when you're navigating somewhere (map on left, split-screen album art on right):

This is what the standard BMW display looks like as you approach an exit (album art is overtaken by arrow display):

This is what the standard BMW display looks like as you get closer to the exit (the arrow display changes to a lane assist display):

You lose the last three functions while navigating somewhere (split-screen with LP art, arrow display, and then lane assist display) when you're using the iPod Out feature (via snap-in cradle). They only display when using the standard iPod feature (via USB). There is no split screen with the cradle and iPod Out. It takes over the whole display.

For me, this was a dealbreaker. Not interested in giving up split-screen for sexy Apple album art and menu screens. Too much to sacrifice no matter how much I love my Apple TV and all my iOS devices. It's great to take a drive, see your map on 70% of the screen, see your LP art and song name on 30% of the screen, and every time you are nearing a turn milestone having iDrive overtake the LP art for a moment and give you the arrow display and the lane assist. After the turn is over, the LP art pops back in place. None of this happens with the Cradle and iPod Out. You're either looking at the iPod on the full screen or you're not. Can't have both. I don't recommend giving that functionality up for the sake of an Apple TV looking UI.

The Good About the Cradle + Snap-In Adapter:

Apple's UI
Video Out (only when the car is not moving)
Other Stuff (non-critical like antenna, charging, fan tweaks)

The Bad About the Cradle + Snap-In Adapter:

Can't do split-screen with Nav map, just a big photo of the LP art when playing.
When navigating to a destination, no overtakes of the screen with lanes or arrows.
Inconsistent look/feel with Satellite, FM, and AM functionality especially in split-screen.
Traps your phone in the armrest (doesn't apply to your situation)


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