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Originally Posted by sunny5280 View Post
Are you really so naive as to think my advice was limited to just taking possession of the vehicle? Surely you can't be so foolish? My advice assumed he was intelligent enough to obtain a bill of sale and keep a record of payment. You didn't actually think he was foolish enough to be unaware to obtain such basic documentation?
Ard strikes again!
A simple question from the op and everyone's feathers are in a ruffle!
Ard had previously gotten under my skin as well
I then learned to embrace the harsh tone and incensitive words he chooses
It's like dealing with a 2 yr old
Just doesn't have good communication skills
A lot of the time he brings up valid point it's just all in the delivery though!
Attack first seems to be his approach
Not mine
And probably not yours
Live live and laugh everyday and
Don't take myself to seriously R the mottos I try to
Live by
Njoy njoy And big baby bear hugs for ard
It will all work out in the end....and if it hasn't worked out yet, its not the end!

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