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Originally Posted by djenka2 View Post
Yes, there was "Increased battery discharge" error and it was gone by replacing the battery by putting the one from Series 7.
All in all, issue is gone :-)
I like to be precise so others don't waste their time...I am not picking on your comments.

OP has reported MULTIPLE 'high battery discharge' issues, with multiple battery replacements- to no avail.

YOU have had an old, worn battery that finally tripped a single 'high discharge' replaced the battery, that worked. It may have even done it a few times...but you have not had multiple isses over years and many batteries.

(I had an 2010 with 32k miles...on the last night in my garage I was cleaning the car with the doors open preparing to return it as a lemon buyback- it actually tripped a 'discharge warning' that night- the combination of a 2+ year old battery and having the doors open and stuff on was too much for it.)

My point is to be careful to confuse the true, chronic 'high discharge, you have a module that keeps waking the car up and kills multiple batteries' from a "its an old battery, finally couldnt keep up' faults.

having said that, I 100% agree with your expert that BMWs do funny things with low, old batteries- and I often recommend replacing a battery if you are getting weird electrical issues and the battery is 4+ years old. You'll need one soon enough, and it is often easier to replace than to spend $300 for the dealer to run diagnostics....
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