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Originally Posted by kirbyj View Post
I was traveling up to Vermont yesterday when I began to encounter heavy traffic merging onto the highway. I was passing some slower moving cars when a VW with a kayak on top abruptly began to cut into the lane I was in with hardly any room to spare. I then accelerated around him and decided to pick up some quick speed and get around this group of slower moving cars so I put my foot to the floor and stayed in the far left lane that had just opened up. Anyway, the car under full acceleration started to fish tail and then settled down and continued accelerating. This is not the first time this fishtailing sensation has occurred with my 535. It has happened before when I was rapidly accelerating. I must admit that this is the first turbocharged car I have owned. Other cars I have driven over the years could handle full acceleration without seeming to almost break loose in the rear. Maybe I shouldn't expect a fast car to handle all that quick speed when I put my foot to the floor like that. Maybe I should be more gradual in my acceleration technique. Any thoughts?
Something is wrong. If it was a 535i with traction off....I could see that happening....but an xi? Even with traction control off, the 535xi does not make enough hp/tq to break the back tires loose when it is sending power to the front wheels as well...

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