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Originally Posted by hornhospital View Post
Downhiller, I agree with you 99% of the time, but on this you are dead wrong. You can spin an alternator as fast as you want, but until there's excitation voltage it will generate nothing. An alternator has no magnetic field without excitation voltage. No magnetic field= no electrical generation. Generators had permanent magnets and didn't need electrical current to start producing electricity, but alternators absolutely MUST have a magnetic field created by electricity in the windings before they'll do anything at all.
so youre saying the magnetic rotor that is built with a magnetic material isnt magnetic until it is powered? did you know there isnt anything wire wise on the shaft to the rotor? and if this is true from what you are saying, then there will be a dead short within the electrical system because the rotor would in theory be grounded.

not trying to be an ass here, but when the guys at youre trusted autozone, napa, etc just hook the alternator up to a belt and use a starter with a couple leads to a volt meter. really want to see something awesome, that proves me right. take the wires off the back of the alternator. leave everything else attached. start the engine with a volt meter across the leads on the alternator. youll see about 14 volt (depending on how strong the windings are).
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