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Originally Posted by laser View Post
I think you miss my point.

Agree that adults have to be responsible and I cringe at the thought of people all over the country getting bailed out of mortgages they couldn't or didn't want to pay.

But having experienced the auto "dealer hustle" ever since my first car buying experience where the sales guy hid my trade in keys I think luxury brands like BMW ought to do better. Many do but there are also too many stories of sour customer experiences that tarnish the brand. (not just BMW)

Nope, I got your point loud and clear and well we can agree to disagree on this.

As far as a dealer hiding your trade in car keys (I assume to keep you from walking away from a potential deal), well yes there is no question that's shady BUT it's also a trick that a shady dealer is likely to employ. Even if you're not aware that this is a trick, DEMANDING your keys back in no uncertain terms will get your keys back. At worse, you lose a few minutes of your life dealing with such a juvenile business practice, but at best, you now know with certainty that the dealership that you're standing in is shady and should be avoided. I surely hope, you walked away from that dealer after they attempted that stunt..........

In any case, that is a far cry from this situation in which we all know as part of the purchasing process there is a contract that is ultimately signed between the seller and buyer with the FULL purchase price disclosed, FULLY transparent to all, and FULLY disclosed to all. Once signed, how can the person claim he/she got "duped" as to where the extra $4,100 came from? The only way to get duped, is if she signs for $20,000 and they somehow forged her signature on something else with all the extras (but if I remember correctly, you sign a bunch of different documents so this would require a lot of forging). Then we're not talking shady, but criminal. Otherwise, OP's sister in law needs to take personal responsibility if the dealership won't cancel the extras.
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