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Originally Posted by bimmerfan52 View Post
I am not saying changing the fluid will definitely correct your problem but it is a relatively low cost attempt at a solution before digging into the mechantronics unit. Also, unless you know the fluid was changed recently it is definitely time to do this vital preventive maintenance anyway.

ZF Lifeguard 6 is the approved fluid. It can be purchased through a ZF distributor or directly through the dealer.

I personally use Pentosin ATF1 which is recognized as an OE alternative but if the two fluids were very close in price I would probably recommend the ZF fluid.

Good DIY on changing the fluid.
Transmission oil change was done about 12K ago and this problem started randomly after that oil change and now has become permanent cold start issue. Indy was not reliable, so there could be a link to what you are saying is right. Or atleast that is what I would like to believe , cause I don't like the mechatronics (hate 'em bad).
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