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Originally Posted by bimmerfan52 View Post
Was the transmission fluid change done as PM or for another problem? Many shops (including BMW dealers) will reuse the trans fluid if the pan or sealing sleeve were changed due to a leak.

If the ATF was changed for PM do you know if ZF LifeGuard 6 or an equivalent OE fluid were used? If a different non-spec fluid was used that can cause a number of problems.

Have you had any other transmission issues such as slamming, sluggishness or holding gears too long that would suggest other solenoids are having problems?

The mechatronics removal for solenoid replacement is not the end of the world as far as a DIY. It just takes a tremendous amount of time, great patience and a meticulous level of cleanliness. Not even a thread from a towel can find its way into the assembly.
I am not sure what oil was used as I don't trust that Indy anymore. The only other issue I have with transmission which is from day one with this car, is around 35-50kmph speed, the seems like it lost power but keeps going as if it is struggling (weird noise) but the car drives okay. I think this is a common problem with many and not relevant to this.

So I am going to try and do oil change, and am trying to find a metal sump pan.
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