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Originally Posted by gcbm View Post
You need to be aware that a transponder chip can only be programmed once and if the process fails the chip is then useless. Also the original key (on the e46 anyway) has a soldered transponder chip while the clone keys use one that is not attached to the circuit board (so the chips will have different numbers but they function the same).

Try the following seller on ebay from who I purchased e46 blanks. He was extremely helpful and knows what he is taking about. The listing below is for a blank mini key with new transponder chip ($69) but if you are just after the chip he could probably do that as well.

If the link is not active search ebay for seller artiway.
Thank you for your response! It is the first I have actually had from anyone on the elusive subject of transponders (which is part of the frustration). I am aware that you cannot reprogram the chips. I actually bought 'new' keys, but I don't know if they got corrupted when i tried a different programmer or if they were sold to me used. Whatever the case, that was a miserable failure.

I decided to contact your link, however. Although he wasn't able to help me, I poked around a little more and learned that the PCF7935AS should be compatible with the PCF7930AS. I say "should" because although the datasheets say this is the case, some of the dealers say it isn't so. I have decided to go out on a limb and invest *another* $28 to get 6 of these, however, in an attempt to see if the AK90 can truly produce a usable key for me. If so, I'll be a happy camper.
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