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Originally Posted by gixermann View Post
Hey guys, just got a 2002 745Li and I was convinced there was a way to do exactly what this post has been discussing soon after I realized what my idrive could and couldn't do. Did a google and here I am. iv made it to page 12 thus far trying to soak it all in, so if there's a walk through or guide pages ahead id appreciate the heads up. Gettin antzy and excited to start my retro fit.
So far Iv gathered ill need a TCU,(84109149615) thanks ACE and Stuartjohn. Ill need a later model MMI aka facelift. plugs for the fiber as well as the 54 dongle. And a decent batt charger for the flashing end. Now whats gotten me scrathing my scalp is the flashing and software end as to which program is easiest or best. NCS, tool32 and ACE's Dashsoft. Well still reading, like I said got excitted and wanted to join up and speak up. Great works guys, signed green with envy
Welcome to the world of BMW coding.

As my car is a face lift I had it a little easier since I only needed to replace the TCU and flash the MMI, but I'll comment on the software.

I don't believe there is anything Dashsoft can do that you can't do using a cheap OBD cable and the "free" (*) software available on the net. I have been using NCSexpert, NCS Dummy, Tool32 and WinKFP with great results.

As for power supplies, I am convinced BMW's 70A requirement is wildly exaggerated; I use a 50A ham radio power supply (see my earlier post in this thread) that cost me 118 euros and it works great.

(*) I am actually a little bit concerned about this; I work in the software industry and I have lots of friends in the music industry so I am always careful to respect copy- and intellectual property rights. I doubt BMW intended for their software to be distributed and used the way we do now. Not that it keeps me awake at night but I think it deserves consideration. And even though I use the software on occasion, I will not re distribute it.
I've been meaning to find out exactly if my use of the software actually is in breach of IP rights but have not gotten around to it yet.
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