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Originally Posted by Ultimate7 View Post
Fellow 7 owners I hoped I might have solved my vibration issues with 4 refurbed wheels and new tyres at considerable expense only to find she still feels like I'm driving up a cobbled street,. I took the car in thinking it was a tyre issue, I was told that they were mis sharpen, old and I had some small buckles. Fare to assume this might be the problem

Many pennies later the car looks fab but at 55 mph, drives like it has square wheels. The wheels are original 19inch spoke wheels as fitted from new and the tyres are new Dunlop as recommended for the car, not run flats.

The weird thing is this, some months ago I ran over a small bolder on the neighbours lawn, slow speed on the rear right, the car drove like silk and thought nothing of it. 2months later the vibration started and my wallet emptied.

It the bolder was the cause I might have expected to feel the vibration sooner? Or might it have caused something to stress and weaken with time, I'm at a loss. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Can you describe the vibration a bit better? Do you feel it in your seat, steering wheel or both? Does it change with speed? How so?

There could be a few GOOD possibilities on what is causing the issues you are experiencing and these are my steps to eliminating vibration issues. With more info I can try to help out more.

Most common is wheel balancing; make sure you go to a GOOD shop that uses HUNTER ROAD FORCE machines to balance tires. Clean off your wheels as good as you can get them before you go!

Second issue I've noticed with newer tires is that most shops aren't mounting them properly. Make sure your tires have seated on the rim properly! A tire shop should be able to check this. IF it hasn't, dismount it and then remount the tire using high pressure mounting techniques!

Third, check all the lug bolts and make sure they are in good condition and properly torqued.

Fourth, check the suspension by putting the car on a lift and moving the wheel back and forth and such. Depending on which way it moves you can find and see if the issue is the control arm (thrust arm) bushings, the actual control arm (thrust arm), swaybar bushings, etc.
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