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Originally Posted by joebry View Post
Here is a link to the feature you mention. I did not know what it was so I searched for it and found this. This, IMO, is taking fuel conservation to the point of absurdity. Even with this acceleration hesitation and as much as I like my 525, I will take a look around at other cars. This start/stop thing wold drive me batty, and maybe to another brand of car.

With some of the new features, I will have to unlearn my current driving habits. Too many times I depend on the power in my 525 to get into small gaps in traffic, pass a car when there is an opening to pass, and other times I need instant response. I will be scared to do this with the acceleration hesitation.
You are right, when we MEAN Go, then we DEMAND to GO not in a second or two after the Beemer will get the command and responds "Oh, the driver wishes to get going so I think I should just do that..." but as I press the gas to the floor (and lately I feel like I am pressing it so hard it should end up on the pavement), then I want INSTANT go... I mean this delay has almost got me into serious accidents. And that is what I will bring up extremely seriously in front of the Judge when I will take BMW to court... unless the dealership agrees to take their car off the 3-year lease.
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