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Mein Auto: '11 BMW X3 'M'

Originally Posted by j3ff View Post
i don't think you will be scared in those situations. first, those who complain about this hesitation are talking about accelerating from a stop, or sometimes re-accelerating after slowing down. i haven't heard anyone say they detect this, e.g., when moving in traffic and accelerating to pass. second, i've had my x3 35i for about a month, and i don't perceive any hesitation. your foot learns to do what is necessary, in the same fashion that you adjust to different engagement points with the clutch on varying manual transmission vehicles.
My 2011 X3 'M' (with a 3.5 x-drive engine) does the hesitation at ALL times. I could be at a dead stop or cruse at 60 km/hr or at 130 km/hr, when I press the gas to the floor, [the piece of cra*] always waits almost 2 full seconds.
I told my wife (I got this box for her) that imagine seeing a transport trailer hurling at you... and you do NOT have more than half a second to respond; you could do squat with this $78,000 X3 'M' as it could not move before almost two whole seconds pass after depressing the gas pedal to the floor.
Since my S-Class Mercedes cars have never had any issues, I trusted Germany with every technical gadgets they manufacture... I am now hugely disappointed in BMW.
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