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BMW finally offering fix for high tech theft
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BMW's produced before 2011 are susceptible to high tech theft. Using a blank key car theifs reprogram the key to match your BMW and then simply drive it away. You can see a BMW 1M Coupe stolen from someone's driveway in this BBC news clip about the issue.

The BBC might not show how to program a new key but a simple search on youtube turns up plenty of results.

BMW E90 EWS key programming

BMW E46 EWS key programming

BMW is finally addressing the issue for owners. Staring with the X5 and X6 owners will be able to get a free software update that blocks this from happening. Other effected models will have a software fix in about 8 weeks time. The update will be performed by dealers free of charge, to get more information call the BMW hotline at 0800 083 4397.

Source AutoExpress

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