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New BMW Transmission Predicts Route to Optimize Performance and Efficiency
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BMW is enabling the automatic transmission to see the route ahead increasing vehicle performance and fuel economy. As part of BMW's Innovation Day 2012 BMW hinted at this future technology.

The new Predictive Power Management system enables the automatic transmission to "foresee" the route ahead. The electronics utilize data pertaining to the route, drawn from the navigation system, to optimize the transmission control enabling it to deal with the driving conditions ahead. The transmission is aware of a bend in the road, even before the driver has taken his foot off the accelerator, and automatically selects the right gear. The vehicle can negotiate the bend under a light load and accelerate out of it far better.
The new predictive smart transmissions will start working their way into BMW products in 2013, probably at the July model year switch over. Expect for BMW to continue finding ways to make their cars more sporty and fuel efficient as every tightening standards and fuel prices push innovation.
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