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Originally Posted by bimmerfan52 View Post
You might see if you can measure the temperature of the trans housing to find out what temperature it is after sitting 10 hours.

Once I was going to do a drain and fill on the transmission. I ran a short trip and then figured after 6 hours it would be cool enough to work on. No way! Still very hot.

I don't think it is the battery. If you have a charger you might "top off" the battery with a charge before starting it cold to see if that makes a difference.
Will work on the trans housing temperature. But while I am preparing my mind for the trans oil change myself, I have a question below in case you might know the answer;
1. Is the trans sump has to be changed every time drain/fill is to be performed?
2. While doing a drain/fill, can the filling start at cold (meaning on cold start conditions). Or the trans has to be on a certain temperature to drain it and then on certain temperature to fill it. And then on between 30-40 C to do the second fill with car running.
3. While doing a drain/fill, the second top up has to be done with car running and in Park with handbreak or car turned off after running.
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