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Originally Posted by shawnsheridan View Post
It's quite a few things actually that collectively make it not worth using.
  • No Internet-In-Motion
  • Speed - One, I am on a Verizon 3G Corporate Blackberry as they do not offer a 4G Blackberry. Two, the CPU in the CIC is just plain slow. Maybe with a 4G phone and the new upgraded HU_NBT Head Unit, the speed will be better.
  • Browser - The CIC uses some flavor of Firefox 3.5, and there is no support for Flash, Java, or Silverlight, etc. (e.g. No football game animation)
  • Input - iDrive Controller scrolling through the alphabet one character at a time to enter URL's or fill in User Name or Password fields is painful.
  • Loosing Google - Send-To functionality, which is part of BMW Assist.
Thanks Shawn, Thats all I need to hear.. Not worth the trouble is right! No flash is a huge bummer
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