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Unhappy HELP! I really need help, plz read post and give me ideas

I have a 2003 BMW z4 with 52000 km on it. I was driving to work today and as I was accelerating to pass someone the power to the engine cut out, the car was still running but no power, also the EML,BRAKE,Service Engine Soon and the Dynamic Stability Control symbols all came on in yellow light. So I pulled over to the side and turned the car off. I waited a few seconds turned it back on, this time the engine was revving on its own in a pulsing way and wanted to take off. So I turns it off again, waited a few minutes tryed again, rpm pulsing a little bit but not much so I drove off, I just went out and turned it on its seemed fine just had the service engine soon light on yellow, but when I revved it it got up to 2-3 RPMs and wouldn't rev anymore and all the lights the came on resinly came back on. What is going on? This car has less than 53000 kms on it. I baby it and its always clean. Any one know or have the same Problem? Plz help I really don't have the money right now to send it to BMW to tell me something I could find out from here. Thanx
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