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I have been using my Motorola Photon and the SMS functionality with the office function on idrive for a little over a year.

As with any bluetooth function both devices need to support the deisred functionality. Most model year 2011 BMW's mfg since August 2010 (though the X5 was delayed till October 2010) have the software in place to support this.

The profile used to accomplish the data transfer is called MAP (message access profile). Several Motorola phones have the MAP profile along with some Blackberries - other manufacturers may support this as well.

Up until IOS 6 the iphone did not have this bluetooth profile - nice to hear it finally does. However it seems that Apple only allows SMS functionality to access the MAP profile rather than SMS and e-mail. Their may be a setting on the phone that allows this, but sorry can't help more. My Photon only supports SMS as well.

It is my understanding that some of the Blackberry devices allow for SMS, e-mail and calendar information to report via the bluetooth MAP profile and therefore provide all that information via the idrive's office menu.
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