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2007 New head, new tranny, new differential same problems

First time poster, but have lurked for some time and read the posted threads on some of the X3 issues. My intent is not to put down the X3 model but to enlist your ideas on suggestions to my problems since I've been to the dealer twice with the same issues and they've had the car for over 20 days in total. Picked it up tonight and on the way home I noticed that one of the issues was not corrected.

2007 X3 purchased as BMW Certified Preowned at 41K. Wife likes the car and her daily driver.

Dealer visit #1 for the following - wheel bearing noise (loud over time), occasional driveline rumble when slowing from 60-50mph and also 25-15mph. Transmission exhibited a lag and would then surge forward. Ash tray lid would not stay closed (non-smoker). Valves would tick (loud) oil level correct. I snapped pics and video with my phone for proof for the dealer and grabbed a loaner 328IX - loved the loaner, smooth, quiet and peppy.

Picked car up - new wheel bearing, new ash tray and they replaced the valve lifters. All was great, but when I got home and pulled into my driveway the oil light went on (yellow). Checked the level (my driveway is level) and it was full. My wife drove the car and pulled into the driveway a couple days later and the valves were ticking again, not to mention the driveline rumble was still there and the transmission lag and surge was not fixed. I was told no codes found and the transmision was fine.

Back to the dealer and they had the car over two weeks and replaced the following - transmission, head (due to valve ticking) and the transfer case. Also checked drive shaft and all axles and performed and extensive road test and said it was now fixed.

Picked the car up tonight and the driveline shudder is worse, but the transmission shifts like a dream (or at least as it should with no lag or surge). My son (age 12) validated the vibration and a good friend (BMW guru) says it feels like a center driveline bearing or maybe the torque converter, but I would think the TC was replaced with the transmission. Either way the rumble is getting worse and feels like its coming from the center or rear of the car. It also is more noticable in sport mode compared to normal drive mode since the transmission holds a gear and performs engine braking.

I emailed the dealer and will talk to them in the morning on what to do, but I'm getting tired of spending all my time driving back and forth (takes about 2.5 hours roundtrip).

At this point the dealer is investing lots of $$ into this X3 and I'm losing confidence in the vehicle, but I like the idea of a nearly new drivetrain. Warranty expires in December, but since the issues are documented I'm not concerned about chasing BMW after December if needed. Dealer has been nice to deal with, but I'd rather not know the entire service team on a first name basis.

Anyone have input or ideas?


on edit 10-8-12 - I incorrectly listed the differential replacement in visit #2, but it was the transfer case.

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