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Flattening My Battery

G'day Folks,

I have just come across another problem with my E28 535i....... This time around it seems that the Instrumentation lights up inside the dashboard seem to constantly be on, even when the headlights are off and the car locked and parked in the driveway...... I have replaced the headlight switch twice so far and they are still on........ The lower section of the dash under the steering column is not fitted yet the power window circuit breaker and the vacuum thingy on the right side of the column are connected....... I am forever having to recharge or jump start my battery or at worst having to call out for road club assistance...... As I have no access to a service manual for the car and unfamiliar with the ELECTRICAL SPAGHETTI throughout the car, I am hoping on a bit of HELP from you GUYS and or GALS.......

HELP ME PLEASE........... HELP ME NOW!!!!!!!!

Upon further examination....( looking )..... it seems that the so called light is just coloured plastic and still cannot figure this BASTARD out....... connected wrong maybe but not sure here as I did not force anything back in place........ power window circuit breaker clicked back easily as did replacing many times the head light switch although I never trusted the BASTARD switch as the dimmer control did jack ****!!!!!!!...... will ask BROTHER to check switches with Multi Meter when next I visit Family...... I am getting frustrated at this as it becoming a pain in the ARSE having to recharge the battery every time I need to go somewhere........ I would be stuffed if I had to go out in the night time......

Thanks for your patience


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