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You can jump the motor to verify if it works or not. Unplug the connector on the lid motor. The two larger wires are the motor and the smaller ones micro switches or sensors. I think they were red and brown.

I pulled the battery cover off and wired some reasonably heavy 12ga wire to it. Then I carefully touched the connector pins. If the motor moves its probably fine. However if you want to test the whole range you should disconnect the link to the top and observe the motor crank arms motion. Not a good idea to open the lid all the way with the trunk open as they hit each other. That's why they have the interlock between the top and trunk lock.

I ended up taking my "fix" one more step towards full manual because the computer eventually hung and the latches wouldn't engage any more. I spliced a wire on the input power leads to the control module and ran it to a double pole double throw momentary on -off - momentary on switch mounted on top of the tail light cover in the trunk. Wire it to the motor so that the polarity switches when thrown one way vs the other. Now I operate the latch using that switch. You do have to either disconnect or cut the wire to the trunk interlock switch on the right side cover latch too.

The control module is under the inside left panel behind the driver door. It slides off by grabbing the panel edges and pushing forward. Took more force than I really wanted to apply.but that's the trick. Goes back much easier. The connector on the bottom of the control module comes off by sliding the outside housing forward, not pulling down. The power was red and brown but you can check with a voltmeter. Look for the bigger wires. I stripped some of the insulation off and soldered my splice wires on. Be careful and do one at a time so you don't short them. Covered with tape. You could achieve the same thing with crimps. Do a good job. Then snake back ot the switch and motors. Use 12 ga wire not something too small.

I cut the motor wires from the connector leaving enough wire and connected the wire from my switch to them directly with enough wire left on the connector to reverse things if I changed my mind.

I disconnected both motor connectors, the interlock micro switch and the cover linkage so now only the cover latches work with the switch I installed. Real simple going forward but manual.

I have no idea how to make the roof latch at the windshield operate manually. There must be a way.

Good luck.
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