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Originally Posted by Ttime92 View Post
Ok so my E30 is bouncing when i drive so i know its time for new shocks and springs and struts i already did the rear springs it was pretty simple my problem is the front struts. When i look up online for the part it keeps listing strut insterts as a part which basically looks like a shock but i know its not,then its listing strut housing which cost between 700-800 dollars and then just the plain struts. So my question is which part do i get the insert,housing,or just the strut im a little confused because im thinking the insert goes into the strut housing but someone told me that not all cars are like that some are just one whole unit and you cant buy strut inserts buy its giving me the option to buy either or so PLEASE HELP WHICH PART DO I BUY TO STOP THE BOUNCING IF I GET THE STRUT INSERT DOES IT SLIDE INTO THE HOUSING??? OR DO E30S HAVE STRUT HOUSING AT ALL?
They have strut housings. You'll see a giant nut on the housing for the strut. Once you break that nut free (lots of PB blaster and soaking) you'll be able to pull out the cartridge and replace it.
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