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Originally Posted by chris328 View Post
Because for every 16 yr old that gets an M3, 1000 malnourished 8 yr olds in 3rd world countries die unseen and unheard. Who cares about those friggin subhumans though. We need our kids to be cool, right? Cause money is everything is this society, even if it means grossly misappropriating wealth to people who already are disgustingly wealthy.

Nicely put, Big C.

Please DO donate your BMW to my For The Children Fund!!!

A man such as you, a sensitive and caring man, undoubtably purchased his expensive German iron specifically to donate to a good cause.

Disgustingly wealthy, indeed! We'll show those effete yuppie snobs how to live. Give 'til it hurts, and then some!

Lead the way, C - just PM for bank routing info and we'll start the ball rolling. Begin with a $10,000 donation to my For The Children Fund!!! and I will return instructions for your vehicle donation.

Your generous contribution will be appreciated! Expect letters from a village of starving Kenyan children, anxious to relocate to the US of A, having heard that one of their own did good. Revel in the knowledge that you are at last a good person, benefiting those disenfranchised souls so in need of ready cash.

Don't wait for them to improve their lot on their own! You can show us all how effective it truly is to simply give them excellent you are by doing so!


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